Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A week ago I dropped off a folder with my documents, everything i needed for a transfer from Algonquin College - Photography Program into U.N.A/N.U.A. - National University of Arts, they told me to call today around 3pm. Today I called as they said to see what they think about my grades and the reference letters and everything else i had in that folder, just to find out that they did NOT approved me as a transfer and they told me if i still want to go there i'll have to take an exam and start from the beginning YEAR ONE. Which means that i'll be losing a year that i did at Algonquin. I have to take an exam and make a portfolio of 25 Photographs 18 by 14 or something like that (around there).

I'm fucking pissed at that because I could've just stayed in Ottawa at Algonquin! I wouldn't lose a fucking year like here!!

Here's a couple of shots that I took 5 min before i got the bad news. Hope you guys like them.

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