Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I FINALLY ordered my studio equipment today. I FINALLY had time to do it. They'll ship it this Thursday & I'll probably get it Monday or Tuesday next week. I CAN'T WAIT!! It'll be like a Christmas in MAY!! :D :D :D

This are on their way:
B800-B $279.95 4 B800 Black Studio Flash
LB11 $89.95 1 Boom Arm Attachment with 11-
pound Counterweight
FSB1036 $119.95 1 Foldable Stripbox (10 x 36 in.)
HGX4 $99.95 1 Set of 4 Honeycomb Grids
LG4X $99.95 1 Four-Channel Wired Remote
LS1100 $24.95 1 Backlight Stand
LS3050 $39.95 1 10-foot General Purpose Stand
LS3900 $69.95 2 13-foot Heavy Duty Stand
LSB48 $49.95 1 Stand Carrying Bag
SB3060 $139.95 1 Giant Softbox (with LGSR)
U32SW $19.95 1 32-inch Silver/White Umbrella
U48TWB $29.95 1 48-inch Shoot-Thru Umbrella

I got a couple of things that I still need to buy:
220W Transformers
Backdrop Background Paper
Expan Background Paper Drive Set with Plastic Drive Chain
Medium Softbox
Small Softbox
Medium Strip
Small Strip
580EX II Canon flash
Beauty Dish
The location carrying case
85mm canon lens
4gb CF card

& others

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